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Monday, January 02, 2006

GT4 - WS - Notification behavior under multiple subscriptions.

I tried out the Globus Toolkit lates version (4.0, aka gt4) recently and my interest was with its WSRF and WS-Notification capability. With respect to WS-Notification GT4 container was quite capable of getting a heavy pounding with multiple clients and could in fact deliver notifications without loosing messages up to 90 subscriptions to a particular topic. Such a load was possible when the no two publishings were interleaved or in other word the container was given enough time to deliver to all the subscribers before publishing the next message.
Above graph shows the notification delivery time as the number of subscribers to a given topic increases and the delivery time is linearly proportional to the number of subscribers.
Bottom line from these results is, GT4 Notification can be used for applications that would use less than 100 subscribers for a given topic. This is not a bad outcome, after all many practical applications would fall below this limit.

  • The SOAP message in concern is a very light weight soap message which has only a simple xsd:string as a input parameter.
  • SOAP style used is Document and the Use is Literal.
  • Ran the test on a linux box and the web service calls did not involve network overhead. (ran in localhost)
  • Notification was done in the form of a value changed event of a WS-Resource.